About EJC

As a result of Japan’s economical development in the past three decades, more Japanese people go abroad and live in many countries than ever and their number reaches almost one million. They scatter all over the world. This phenomenon seems to be God’s gracious providence to make it possible in a world-wide scale to draw more Japanese people to salvation in Christ. Therefore it is a God-given opportunity for Japanese churches abroad to reach out to them and to bring them to Christ.

The Japanese population in Scotland is around 2,000. They are immigrants by marriage and short term(2-5years)residents such as businessmen, journalists, researchers, students, other professionals and their families. They are more exposed to Christianity and more receptive to the Gospel here than in Japan.

  We seek to bring glory to God and good to our neighbours and community by living out the Christian faith in life and worship. Christ has transformed our lives forever! Our emphasis is on simplicity, spirituality and sound Biblical teaching as we seek to worship together in Spirit and Truth, in unity and love.
Our work includes
1) to reach out to as many Japanese in Edinburgh area as possible, to bring them to salvation in Christ and to nurture them,
2) to accept Japanese Christians who come to Edinburgh area into our fellowship and nurture them with the Word of God while they are here,
3) to send them back to Japan as witnesses for Christ, and
4) to establish Bible study groups in different parts of Scotland and England.